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Monday, May 24, 2010

Jun(b)e Hotbuys ;D

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Hii everyone ;D

It`s almost June and it`s time for new Hotbuys.xDD
Yayy,Stardoll didn`t forgot to release the picture of them (like sometimes forgot to release some of them).

They`re not so good.But,they`re not too bad ;P
The Lace top is so orange ;O
I don`t like orange ;P
The necklace is the best(my opinion).Shorts are not anything special,they`re so barbie.I like pink,but :/
I really like the coat.I like the color,I like it.Ohh,shoes.I don`t like these shoes.Not my taste.Dress is really cute.I like the color.Top,aa,I don`t like it.I hate the print on it :S
Purse....not good.Bikini,what did stardoll thought,how old are we?60-80 years?Come on Stardoll,you can do it much better ;P
Skirt is so for 5 years old girls.Cute.Hahaha.I know my little sister would wear it ;D
See for yourself

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Is Stardoll so lazy or is just illiterate?

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Junbe?I never heard for that month,did you? ;)

Well,Stardoll,with all your laziness and bad grammar,we still love you :D


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