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Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Hi everyone this post is a warning Emorox4eva is not here and can't defend herself but i can because im always 100% with her, this girl call accounts4salee is a liar. She says that she is selling my account, my account is not for sale, i will never sale my account. She had send requests to people saying that my account is for sale. Don't believe her, on her guestbook she ask for passawords to a girl. Now she says she is Emorox4eva but she lies and im laugh because she dont know the name of Emorox4eva, she says her name is Jessica, everyone knows that this is not Emorox4eva name. Im really sad because everyone knows that my best friend in Stardoll is Emorox4eva, she is like a sister to me and i trust her 100%. So if you recive a friend request saying that my account is for sale that is a lie. I decided to do this post to warning and because she is saying lies. She says im a hacker what a looser, stupid and pooser people like this must be banned of Stardoll. She also pretend to be my friend in real life that is not true, i don't know her.
I never thought that could be so mean people on Stardoll and this account it's new so someone is behind this account trying to upset me and Emorox4eva. She is trying to scamm people. So report her to her account be delete so she can not be mean with someone else.
I found that she create a new account with this name accounts-sale this is another fake account and im going to show on this link:


Look the link because she nows says on her presentation that she is selling my account, Emorox4eva and Baddy8 accounts and she did this account today. She says that sells ours accounts for a sms code.
Once more this is not true, don't believe in her. Behind these 2 accounts is someone that envys Emorox4eva and me. So report her too because she must be banned for good of Stardoll.
I dont underestand why people do this instead of having some fun in Stardoll. The meaning of Stardoll is to have fun and meet friends around the world so we can know diferents ways of living and cultures.


  1. Wow,btw i think accounts4salee got deleted or somthing because I looked it up and it says the page you requested could not be found. So, yaa. Anyways my username is hotopicrules1 if you want to visit me or something.