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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am going to be starting a monthly post. This is an interview that I will be taking with a random person about something I choose. It could be about a current shop, current trend, someone or something. But how, you might ask, will I choose an interview resipiant? Well I would like anyone interested to comment on this post with this form filled out:


Thanks and good luck!
x Leah
(After 10 people have signed I will choose one and interview. I will request you if you are chosen. Stay tuned girls and possibly boys!)


  1. NAME: LauriaJane
    AGE: 15
    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED: It seems like a great opportunity to just show my opinions and give a little inside on who I am.
    WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU SHOW: I don't fully understand this question, but if it asking what qualities I possess that make me special than to be honest none. Nothing sets me out from the millions of other people, except a few simple things. In real life, I blend it, but on Stardoll I am who I really want to be!
    DO YOU USE PROPER GRAMMAR? Yes, always! I find it really important to use proper grammar.
    WILL YOU WRITE LONG OR SHORT ANSWERS? It depends on the question, but I will always try to write well rounded answers with a good length.

  2. Maura
    I would like to be interview so people can see what i am like. And i think it would be fun, considering i`ve never been interview before.
    Hmm, i show qualities that i have a good fashion sense, funny, nice, good character and always judge fairly.
    Most of the time. Sometimes i dont capitalize, but most of the time i do. [I usually never capital my i's unless i begin the sentece with it, haha] And every now and then i`ll spell something wrong O:
    It depends on the question. Most of the time i will try to be descriptive with the sentence

    Username: maura456745

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  4. NAME: Vanessa Evelyn A.
    AGE: 11
    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED: Why would I like to be interviewed? Well I am taking journalism classes at school and would love to become a journalist when I grow up. I would want someone to interview me because I want to see it from my point of view. Also I suppose I could learn some cool tips and tricks to interviewing. On the other side I would like to be interviewed to show my opinions and my kind of style I don't consider myself a regular 11 year old while I am more mature then most people my age, also the the chance to be interviewed in this blog would be great it would really help boost my chances of becoming a writer for many other blogs to further my experience in journalism.
    WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU SHOW: Well I think my style is pretty classy and stands out for an 11 year old. While most girls my age would wear mini skirts and shorts I would wear jeans and Capri's. I am really picky when it comes to clothing but on stardoll I can really show my true fashion. I wear dresses and cute high waisted skirts. Another quality I find myself having is creating something out of nothing as you can see I am ss but when I was non-ss I saved my stardollars and created a wonderful room I am proud of, which is my closet room as you would call it. I would like it to remain non-ss so others can get inspired and hopefully make something out of nothing.
    DO YOU USE PROPER GRAMMAR? Of course, I want to become a journalism so even when it comes to typing online I make sure I have proper grammar so then when I get older it will be a part of me I cant get rid of. Now every once in a while I might use "Text Language" but that's only when I talk to my friends other then that I always use correct grammar.
    WILL YOU WRITE LONG OR SHORT ANSWERS? As you can see from my answers so far I think you know the answer! I love interviews where the person being interviewed adds detail and puts thought into their answers. I find that you learn more from that person by giving long and detailed answers.

    Hope you can at least consider me! My username on stardoll is Pinkicefairy please take the time to visit if you have the chance!

  5. NAME: zaixhi
    AGE: 29
    WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE INTERVIEWED: oh my main reason is i want other medolls to know that i am starting to become SD stardesigner
    WHAT QUALITIES DO YOU SHOW: i am patient , u know i am a policewoman here in philippines that is why and i love fashion, arts and designs
    DO YOU USE PROPER GRAMMAR? i can speak Filipino and English properly so far..
    WILL YOU WRITE LONG OR SHORT ANSWERS? i will answer short and direct to the point .. :)