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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Future Stores

Lotta here. (:
Just bringing you something...
Every real brand is leaving!
Goodbye, Vivienne Tam and DKNY!
These might become expensive rares in the future..
So buy from 50% off sale going on now! (:
No DKNY... V_V
Because they are leaving..
Might we see new shops coming?
Perhaps REAL BRAND shops?
I know many have seen this, in case you haven't,
its a store for LOUIS VUITTON!
Quite expensive though...
I`m not sure if it`s even ever going to come. :S
Ah well. Something interesting to think about. (:


  1. Cool. But the prices... $_$
    Ah, I will miss Vivienne Tam store.
    I quite liked this last collection. =]

  2. The Louis Vuitton store is a fake. You can tell it by some facts; spoilers never show the prices or wether the items are for ss or not. This store has been found fake ages ago.