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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Moles: The real deal

Many of you would have noticed that 70% of the girls in stardoll customize their faces (mainly eyes) with moles. It's not a secret, even I do(: They add and edgyness to your face, but sometimes can be used in utterly gross ways. I'm going to show you three stlyish ways to pull the look off.

The makeup way. This is my favourite design of the moles because it makes the eyes look casual and nice, and works well with most makeup.

The drip way. This way is better only on one side, but if you think you can pull it off try both eyes. I like it on one eye (Your right eye is the best) becuase it leaves you with this mysterious glare and a sort of Lady GaGa look(:

My two favourite ways to place moles (beside anywhere on the eyes) below. I like a mole on the left corner of your mouth because it gives you like a beauty mark and a stylish pout on the lips. On the neck (collar-bone) it looks like a normal mole, but still stylish. It was inspired to me when my friend 2pac4lyf gave me a password makeover and left it there, I haven't taken it off since!

Send in a picture of your medoll with moles and the best, most creative way could win 20 stardollars!

x Leah


  1. hi Ms Leah. stardoll,

    i also put mole on my medoll zaixhi on her lower lip just like mine in real life :)
    i dont know how to send pic though...im just excited to post my comment coz of my mole, LOL!

  2. http://jiggmin.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=2988&picture

    hers my entry. the background is supposed to be like that and the pattern resembles the jorney the stardom

  3. Here is mine:i49.tinypic.com/2eg464o.jpg
    My username on sardoll is: Pinkicefairy