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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bargain hunter Week 3

This week I have chosen the brand Fallen Angel for Bargain Hunter Week 3, as it is not a very common brand. I'm not a big fan of it, and thats saying something becuase I'm usually all over brands with black (: But anyway, here are my finds under 10! (Pirate shirt is a little un-seen sorry!)
As usual, tell me your favourite item and why.
I like the pumps most of all, they are stylish and hip.

- Don't buy something if you think your not going to wear it more than 3 times. Think about possible outfits in your head before you spend.
- I sometimes buy things to sell for equal money, but trust me, it doesn't always work. In my opion don't blow your hard-earned cash for more, it has a likely chance of not working.
- As you can sell under 500 SD now, I advise you to only buy high priced things that are worth it, and that you've either been searching for ages, or you really want it. Collectives are in bazaar now, I've noticed, but be careful what you buy.

Leah x

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