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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hotbuys update

I noticed that 3 May Hotbuys have been released already. I never say the top until today, but the dress came out today, and the earrings a while back. They are all inspired by TopShop, which like all the May Hotbuys that I have the real version of.

I really like the dress. You can pair it wil some Veronica stlye boots or some easy-breezy flats. The top is more a casual adventure, so with some jeans and a laid-back hair do, you'll rock that way! I find the earrings are a bit of a more dressy look, so with a nice elegant outfit, they will do!

There are the real life versions (All in one picture!)
x Leah


  1. I bought it all with my other account. =D
    I really like all of them.