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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stardoll Best Dressed (SBD)

Hey Everyone, there is a new Stardoll project in town and it goes by the name of Stardoll's Best Dressed (SBD). To qualify for this, one has to send in an application to the team, which can be done by clicking HERE and filling out the application located on the side of the blog.
Here is some information about the project, thanks to The Star Dose!

Quoted by SBD Team;
"Stardoll's Best Dressed is a new Project which is aimed at the fashionable side of stardoll. It is a chance to express your originality and perception of fashion, and win the title of Stardoll's Best Dressed. This event is destined to be the next big thing, especially for those who are fame-hungry and simply stylish. This is a chance for fashionista's to be heard rather than unheard. We are bringing to you SBD. Be prepared. You too can join in on this event by signing up as a contestant. Go to our blog (stardollbd.blogspot.com), and fill out the form on our side-bar, and submit it. Once contestants are chosen, there will be a 5-Round battle to win the title of Stardoll's best dressed. Medolls will be eliminated each round, so you must give it your all. We hope you participate, and become part of this fast-growing project."

What do you think of this project? Will you be trying out?

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  1. i think it will be fun watch C: