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Thursday, August 25, 2011

September Hot buys

Stardoll has revealed a picture of this septembers hotbuys and the days they're out.
Click HERE to go to the stardoll hot buys page to see the dates and details.
What do you think of these new HB's? :D
Will you/would you plan on buying any?

This will probably be my last post today, so have a good evening!
And of course a lovely tomorrow :D


  1. Hello.I have new design with Willow Smith,Hello Kitty,Siren etc.Visit my starbazaar ( dianaflori ) and If you think you are beautiful, buy.Thanks you.

  2. Do you want the code to the flash version? (with the dates, like on stardoll) I got it on my stardoll blog..

  3. They look cool (: maybe more purple in the colour scheme ?