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Monday, August 30, 2010

JCP Teen in Spoilers!!

Hii everyone (:

Seems like the JCP Teen will be soon in starplaza.It`s "Back to school" clothes.I really like them.It`s something what I would wear in real life too.

I think the prices won`t be that high :S I will buy couple things.

Thanks to hotbuysbazaar for the pictures

I love the real life items.Those jeans are awesome.And the t-shirts too :DD Love them ;D

What about you.What do you think?Do you like them?Would you ever wear them in real life?Or on Stardoll??Tell us your opinion in comments.

CREDIT TO:Stardoll`s Most Wanted :)

-Mihaela (:


  1. i love the green dress, it would look really nice with one of those long cardigans :O)

  2. I think that those clothes are totally cute and fabulous!!!! :) Both Stardoll and real life items!! :) My favourites are all of the tops and the green mini dress. :D I hope they'll be cheap so I can buy all of them... ;) If they had their stores in my country, I'd definitely buy their clothes!

    mostly the green dress, and the british
    shirts . those are my favorite.
    i don't really know about the pants.

    & the scarf and socks remind of old miss sixty :3

  4. Love the paint splattered jeans!!

  5. they are out now, i really love them!