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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Herve Leger Store Out! & New Banner (:

Hi Everyone(:
New Banner, I actually made it myself, likey likey? ;)
Tell in comments.
Anyway, the new 'Herv Leger' Tribute store is out. (:
What do you think?
Personally, I don't like it much :/
My fave tribute story was Chanel. :D
What do you think?
Which floor do you like best?
Do you have a favorite piece?
Tell in comments(:


  1. I think this new store is fashion and cool. For me the 1st floor is the best because the clothes are very creative and original. I like all of the clothes of this store so i don't have a favourite piece... see you oli_sousa

  2. Cute banner! It's pretty and colourful. ^-^
    Oooh I like the new collection, but not as much as the previous ones.
    I'm not sure which floor I lik, because I only like one piece from each floor.

  3. i like how about you i like very much

  4. i like it cuase i love theres type of clothes but there too expensive and i like the last store :)

  5. ss :( can nothing be non-ss and a real brand?!

  6. I don't like it.Too dark,and somehow cold clothes for my opinion.

  7. i like all the dresses almost i think they r really nice and well done made, little borring colours shoes r cool i like the pink and black dress and the crey n some black , and white :d
    i think they r way to expensive i would like to buy , but i wont :)

  8. nice banner (: it's look nice.
    they are great, i would buy the dresses.
    but true the colors are a little plain.
    they should've done more bright colors.
    its way expensive. so i won't buy (:

  9. I love your banne because it's sooo colorful!! :) As for the store, I don't like it either... The dresses aren't anything special... And like you my favourite was Chanel's store. :)

  10. i wouldnt get & plus its too much SD for me but i guess thats the cost for high fashion dresses...