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Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunny Bunny In StarPlaza!

Sunny Bunny is Out in StarPlaza!
The Kawaii brand is SO CUTE! :)
I Love the colored contacts :)
The Bunny hats made me laugh xD
And What is really cool is that you can make your own charm necklace out of the silver chain and the cute charms! My favorite charm is the toast ;P
What do you think? Comment, please. :P


  1. I Love The Bow's + Contacts (Bought Two Of Each)
    The Charm's I Dont Know But The Best Thing Its For Non Superstar's Two And I Gotta Say It Is Kinda Cheap For A New Brand.

  2. there soo cutee i brought the red boww

  3. OMG, I absoluutely love them. I am buying all the contacts, charms, ear rings, and bunny hats

  4. i like the chain that you can put some things on but i think the things are not so nice but whatever:) i like te green and pink lenses, the red bow, some hair clips and the purple blue and pink bows are my favourite and also the black bunny bow :) i would like that the girl in sunnybunny shop, that we culd buy her , she is sweet ^^
    xoxo vicki95

  5. cute....
    and (i like this part) cheap!!! some of them not just for superstar !!!

  6. ommg. they are so cute.
    i love them all ! but i really like
    the red bows , the black bunny bow , and the hats !
    they ARE pretty cheap for a new brand..

  7. Way to childish. Cute but not more.

  8. I think everything in this shop s totally adorbale!!! :) They all are really sweet and I also like the charm necklace. :)