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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Avril Forbidden Rose Parfume

Hii (:

There`s free Forbidden Rose Parfume.I really like it.I could buy it,but I rather bought Black Star cause I think it smells better then Forbidden xP But,I really like the ring from Forbidden Rose :)
If you live in USA it should already be in your suite,if you`re not from USA,then read this above:

Go to webwarper.net

In the blank box copy and paste this: www.stardoll.com/en/

Then just hit ENTER

Login at Stardoll and then go to usual Stardoll and it should be at your suite.

                                                     Thanks to hotbuysbazaar

Do you like that parfume?Do you own it in real life?Do you like Black Star more?:P

   Which one do you like more?Forbidden Rose or Black Star???

-Mihaela (:


  1. Idk I keep hearing black star is better but I would have to see for myself.. Maybe when I go to the mall today I can check it out in the parfume area. :)

  2. I think black star is better than the new one...thanks to post this

  3. Thank you once again, Mihaela!! :) I got this one, too!!! :D I don't own any of them in real life but I'd like to get Black Star... I think it's a bit better than the Forbidden Rose... :)

  4. @Latii

    Yeah xD You should check it!Who knows,maybe Forbidden Rose is better to you!xP

    Ur welcome (:

    Yeah,lool xD
    I think that too.
    Your welcome (:

  5. bottles look so aweosme and beaautiful=)♥♥

  6. well i never tried them before. but i also heard that the black star is better. !

    & the bottles look great.

  7. i love the bottles of both the perfumes, they are both so pretty. But i have to say that Black Star does smell better. :O)

  8. avril1894;thanks.i really love the perfume.and i really look like avril lavigne.

  9. Thanks, I prefer Black Star, I own it in real life!