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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miss Stardoll World PRIZES!

Hi, Lotta Here :)
I'm coming to you with Miss Stardoll World Prizes.
They are all amazing, and I can't wait to see the gorgeous clothes the winner will receive.
Well, here they are!

    Miss Stardoll World Grand Prize:
    - Free Superstar Membership - 1 Full Year!
    - Monumental Miss Stardoll World 2010 Sash
    - Majestic Miss Stardoll World 2010 Crown
    - 1000 Shiny Stardollars
    - A gorgeous wardrobe filled with glamorous outfits, fit for Miss Stardoll World!

    Miss Stardoll Country Winners/World Finalists:
    - Free Superstar Membership - 1 Month
    - Miss Stardoll Crown and Sash for your specific country
    - 500 Shiny Stardollars

    Miss Stardoll Country Finalists:
    - 100 Shiny Stardollars

    I can't wait! :D


  1. Thanks! Have you joined? I have!

  2. I am pretty excited!

  3. the prices are so so so good. i can't wait for this biggest contest

  4. wow, I entered [: I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. wow the prices is super!! i cant wait too see :) !

  6. i realy want to join, but i don't know how??? my stardoll name is katdeluna1201

  7. Oh, I'm going to join right now :-)

  8. I read that on Stardoll, it sounds fabulous!!! :D I wanna win... :P

  9. Awesome prizes!!! :o I would be sooo happy If I got to be even a finalist!!