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Monday, August 30, 2010

New LE is out!

GO GO GO!!!!
I don't like much of the collection this time, and it's quite small but yeah.
You can't see all the items in the shop, so go to LE in search and you'll see more.
There are also some non-superstar pieces! =D
What do you think of this collection?
Would you be buying anything?


  1. I don't like it... I glad to see LE back but what they brought with them is kinda ugly... BUT that's just me, I guess others might like it...

  2. avril1894; this new le im not liking it because it`s not my type of fashion i like.

  3. To be honest, this is my least favourite LE collection of them all... :/ It's small and the clothes are really weird... I mean, look at those necklaces! I would never buy something like that... :/ Only thing I like are those black boots with faux fur but I don't have and I can't buy them... :( There's one positive thing about this collection and that's the fact that some things are also for NS members. :) I hope they'll do this next time too because NS members deserve to buy some LE items, too. :)

  4. This collection isn't so amazing...I don't like it,to be honest.

  5. wow, i love the collection, and i want to buy it. but i dont have some money :'(

  6. well i really like it ! i love the little tiny accesories, like the flowers, and headbands.
    the clothes not so much . they can do better but , i still like the whole idea of the wild things are.
    & the gloves would always look nice with some outfit.

  7. the worst LE collection so far. its very different from the rest, and not very nice. the only thing i liked were the black gloves :O)