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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Make-Up Tips

Hi Fashionitas!! As i promess you i will post today MAKE-UP tips that ispired by BOURJOIS PARIS MAKE-UP and the other by a Caftan Model MAKE-UP
If you like the idea of MAKE-UP i will post it every Saturday with different occasional and sesonial MAKE-Up
So enjoy....

In Violetta MAKE-UP i try to put three effects of Purple Light one,Medium one and then hard one that really gives great effects and Lips i try that they be pumppy like we say i put a hot pink Lipstic then Light Pink Lipstic to give that great intense and in the end i put the lip gloss for shiny lips
The Violetta Style is around the purple colour put a purple dress(short dress will be more good) then add some accesories with Purple and Black coulour. Trust me that will be an amazing Look and it depends to you

In Bourjois Paris Inspired Make-Up i was searching for a Spring and a Winter effect in the same time so i found that one that i like it
In that MAKE-UP Blue,Green and orange coulours are important...First i put Blue Colour around the eye with a small opacity then a orange one and on the top of the aye near to the eyebrows put a white colour that will eclat the colours and in the end put green shadow near to the nose middle.For the lips you should give them a goldy effect so i do a melange of colors of Orange and Yellow for an amazing effect then the lip gloss for shiny lips..
Hope ou enjoy the tips and if you like it i will post it every Saturday
With my love...xoxo Hanae785


  1. Very nice I really like that purple make up, great job.

  2. Hi!! I`m having problems with my new medoll :( I don`t know if look better before or after, here is my makeover: http://i54.tinypic.com/34yoi8h.jpg