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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please put this on your blog if you agree

Ok so I'm really mad also sad all at once.
If stardoll becomes Disney doll then most of the friends I made are going including me and it's making me very uspset.
I heard that the big switch is December 2012 wich is less than a year.
I'm very mad I hope stardoll doesn't do It so I made a graphic about it and if you agree with me then you'll put it on your blog too.

Hope to see good news and hope stardoll looks at this graphic and changes there mind..I'm dreaming it but I'm not giving up.


  1. Apparently the message is fake... There is no link to it, even if you type in the exact words. I think it might just be someone's idea of a joke. Many staroll members have asked Yuma.Stardoll about it and she says she hasn't heard anything about it. She works for stardoll, so surely she would have been told.

  2. Yeah I think now that its fake, but i must admit that my first impression was like WHAT :0!