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Monday, January 24, 2011

Make up tutorial!

Hi guys, I'm sorry how long it's being.
I have been sooo busy with my exams and this drama play.
But now let's start, I tryed to do make up inspierd by Taylor Swift I hope u like it!
1. I used short mascara.
2. Then I found white and black eyeliner and like u can see, I put the white one on the corners of the eye and black on the end of the eye.
3.To make some more effect I used white eyeshadow, on the corners of the eyelid.
4. I found some olive and dark green eyeshadows.
5. I put darkgreen eyeshadow the rest of the eyelid, but be careful to not put it on the white eyeshadow.
6.Then to make a finall touch on the eyes, I used the olivegreen teyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid.
7.Lips, I just love red lipstick so I decided to make it just simple and use one of my red lipsticks and some lipgloss over it.
8. You can use just any accessories u want.
I really hope u like this tutorial, I'll propable post another one this week.
Please tell me if u have any suggestions!
Love u all, kisses SDZ ;*


  1. I don't like her but the make-up is not bad at all.

  2. It's okay , i wouldn't say the makeup is different or unique (:
    why don't you do some inspired makeup (: