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Sunday, January 23, 2011

HB top and bag out!

2 new Hotbuys are out in starplaza!
1) The HB stardoll rocks top.
Find it in Fudge or under "New".
It costs 12 stardollars (ss only)

2)HB stardoll cotton bag.
Find it in Pretty in Pink or under "new".
It costs 9 stardollars (ss only).

What do you think of them?
Would you/have you/will you be buying any of them?


  1. I like the bag a lot, so I'm definitely gonna buy it!

  2. me too, I love the bag - and it's cheap for hbs :)

  3. Personally, I won't be buying either of them, I think that bag is the most hideous HB ever.

  4. yeah i agree .
    they both are hideous , and overexpensive .