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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello, this 3 designers are amazing, im speaking about threeASFOUR.

The Team:
threeASFOUR (left to right): Ange Donhauser, Gabi Asfour, and Adi Gil
It looks a art work but it's wearable
Look the shape it's so feminine
A assimetric corset just made by a rope
Some of the details that they use on their pieces
So do you like?

Do you think that they are creative?


  1. The clothes are absolutely stunning. I would wear them, but I would be afraid or ruining something, it is like a piece of artwork, just like you said.

  2. very creative! but I think if I tried to wear any of that my parents would kill me lol!!!!

  3. It's so creative, they must work hard! :)
    I don't see anyone wear those clothes, they're beautiful but you can only wear them in very especial ocasions. Of course a celebrity could wear it, maybe someone like Ke$ha...