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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do you ever read Stardoll Magazine??

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Hey everyone!!
I`m sorry for not posting :O
How are you all?I`m great :D

I wanna Congrats to this blog for being nominated on "Stardoll Freakshow Awards"(Best Blog)

Well,Stardoll Magazine...
Do you ever read it??I do.I didn`t before,but now I do.It`s quite interesting.I love "Street Chic Daily"
Also,you can find there a lot of "Celebritie News"...
If you don`t already read it,you should definitely start!!
Click HERE

Today Street Chic Daily

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I like this outfit.Hm,mabye not so much.But,it`s interesting.This colorful cape is so..colorful :O
Haha..no,I like it.I love colors.I like the bag and boots...

What do you think about it?Do you like posts like this?Should I pick every day or week the best outfit from that Street Chic Daily?Write in comments your opinion.



  1. Definetly not an outfit I'd wear but it is.... interesting! :)

  2. I don't really read the magazine but I look at the pictures (;

  3. Yea I do read it, by the way CONGRATS u r goin' to win ;D

  4. I doo sometimess.. and YAY, i really hope we win :):)

  5. I always read it. xD
    I used to try and make my own outfit to kinda look like the street chic day outfits, but I gave up now.
    I really hope this blog wins. =]

  6. I read it sometimes, I like the celeb gossip. This blog really deserves to win the awards! :)