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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


On sunday i intend to give a Guestbook Party on my guestbook. Why i do the party to have fun because sundays are always boring. There will be a prize of the most creative outfit, the prize is 135 stardollars, don't miss. To create the outfit use whatever you want, pieces from Suite Shop, Starplaza, sticks, well think bc i want to be suprise. The winner will be interview and will be show on my blog. You only have to be creative, you can do on your album or use the outfit on your doll, use your imagination. The party will began at 3.00 pm hour of Portugal, you can check on the site Timeanddate to see what time will be for you.


  1. xDD
    Cool,I think that`s 4 pm on Croatia.
    I hope I will be there ;D

  2. Oooh..I won't make it :(
    I'm going to my friend's party on Friday (and I will be there till Sunday)..

  3. Cool, I won't be able to make it though, boo me. :(

  4. Lovely. =D
    I should be able to make it.