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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello everyone, im going to try to be covergirl, can u help me its my dream,This week on wednesday19 of august, thursday 20 of august and friday 21 of august can u vote me please and ask ur friends too, if they vote ur friends plz ask them to write that you told them so you can get credit. Wish me luck i will appreciate your help.
To thanks ur suport and ur frienship im doing a raffle with good prizes that are:

4 prizes of 200 stardollars each
3 prizes of 134 stardollars each and
3 prizes of 67 stardollars each
That means a total of 10 prizes

If you do a topic it in your clubs/blogs and people vote for me. I will offer another prize to the person who influences the most people if i win. The winner must have at least 10 people who signed. I work so much in my medoll and suite i hope you can help me. I count with ur suport but only if u want. xoxo Filipa

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