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Friday, June 3, 2011

What the.....?

Spotted as "glitch" in my opinion..
and why should this be a glitch?
Because Skyscraper dress is OUT OF MIND to be for Starcoins!!!!
Do you agree??
xoxo sa...gataki


  1. Same with the scuba dress. They were obviosly for non-superstars.

  2. Sky and Scuba dress were for non-ss at one moment on shop, when there was 50% off sale on plaza [it was on time when there was 1st season DKNY on starplaza] I guess it was a glitch, but I remember then I was non-ss and I bought Scuba for only 7sd :D So lovely memories :D

  3. They should do this "glitches" a lot more :)