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Saturday, April 16, 2011



On my other blog Thestardollsociety a follower call StardollzVogue spoke about a friend's of mine blog that also wrote to Stardoll asking about Rule Nº 9. It seems i wasn't the only person to have doubts about this Rule. Stardoll has asnwer already and we have good news. Below there is a link to my friend blog.

The blog is:

So we still can write about Stardoll and i will wait for them asnwer so i don't have any doubt at all.


Stardoll change rules so i read rule Nº9 and im concern. Im going to write to Stardoll to ask what this rule really means. I already read several times, show my parents and they said only a Laywer can explain well this rule. So from today any writer can't write posts on my blog about Stardoll. If you write i will delete and you will be banned as a writer from my blog. I want to be sure we still can post and write about Stardoll and what happaned in Stardoll. I hope all the writers underestand and respect my decison Everyone knows that i always put safety in first place, so i will made another post when Stardoll asnwer me. I also ask my father to ask a Laywer about rule Nº9 because it has legal terms and only Laywers do underestand. I hope ours followers underestand my decision. I will still do comps on my club VIP-DOLLS so look on my club. I will soon post new comps. I did wrote to Stardoll so im waiting for their asnwer, below you can see what i ask them.

Dear Stardoll Staff,
I read and acept the new Rules but there was a rule that i have doubts in underestand what is written. The rule i speak is Rule Nº 9 .
Below you can see the Rule:

9. Rights to Stardoll's material

You may not use Stardoll's dolls, clothes, information, data, names, pictures, logotypes or icons from Stardoll's website (we call these “Stardoll's Material”) if it is not clear from the website that this is permitted. This means that you can not copy, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, send or otherwise circulate Stardoll's Material to another person without the written consent of Stardoll. Nor may you change, revise or replace any of the Material found on the website, either in its entirety or parts thereof.

When i read this Rule it seems we can no longer publish or write anything about Stardoll, like new superstars dolls, spoilers, Stardoll comps or even in my case i create a blog last year about Stardoll that is call:


So am i allow to have the name i had choose to my blog?
can we write about Stardoll as we used to write?
I also ask my parents about the new rules and they say it has legal terms so only a laywer can explain well. I always put safety in first place thats why im writing to Stardoll Staff to clear my doubts. In my opinion i like the new rules because i think the site will be more safe but i have this doubts about Rule Nº 9. So please help and asnwer me soon so i know and underestand this rule.


  1. Well thats gonna be bad if its really true that we can't "use" nothing from stardoll, hope they gonna give positive answer.

  2. MissAruel look on this blog:


    it's gud news but i still dont know if i can use the name of my blog.