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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Perfect Day shop is now on sale at Starplaza. The shop has 4 floors, i like all the floors. Somes dresses are so beautifull and fashion. On the pictures there is some pieces that are free, im not sure if is a glitch but i bought all them for 0 stardollars. The prices start on 5 stardollars and go till 48 stardollars. Tell us on comments what you think about this new shop.

Will you buy any thing?

What is your favorite dress?


  1. I am very happy to report that Stardoll has refunded the Stardollars I spent on the 0SD pricetag items. What a relief! I found the refund in my transaction history this morning. I didn't discover it until after I sent another message to SD giving them my transaction numbers. I am so very glad that they did the honorable thing! I hope everyone else gets their SDollars back too. Its really nice to see good business practices when there are so many businesses out there that wouldn't have done the right thing. Bravo Stardoll!!!

  2. Yes they do refund you back ..
    & i love this store <3