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Monday, April 11, 2011


(clik to photo for size)
Do you like?I personality love them...!! :D


  1. Beware of the "free" items marked 0SD in this new store. I "bought" all the free items and then got charged for them. Here is the message I sent SD:
    Ok here is the problem. I went to the star plaza using a link in Underneath Star Doll and under the impression that a lot of the items from the new brides store were 0 stardollars. The price tags on the items still read 0 stardollars so, of course I bought them. When I got to my suite to look at my items, including many items that I actually bought with stardollars I discovered that the price tags had changed and that I had been charged for all those free items. The usual policy is...the customer is charged what the price tag reads at the time of purchase. I would either like to receive my stardollars back for the 0 price tag items and keep the items since they were incorrectly marked or to return all the 0 price tag items and receive a stardollar refund for those items. This was misrepresentation of merchandise and I am very dissappointed that Star doll would do this. Once the items were no longer free you should have changed the price tags at once and notified everyone of the change at the same time. I hope that you will do the right and professional thing and return my stardollars to me. Whether you decide to let me keep the 0 price tag items or take them back is up to you. I await your decision and plan to post this message to you on several blogs including my SD blog. (if it will let me do so) Thank you for your time.
    If you have the same thing happen to you send SD a complaint through the Help Section found on the Spotlight tab. Its a real mess and I am so dissappointed in Stardoll.

  2. GoldenHeart Threads thx 4 telling, I didn't bought nothing yet since I don't have money. Anyway items are nice.

  3. Thanks for telling Goldenheart !
    & I do like alot of the thinsg D:
    Too bad most things are superstar.