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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer make up!

Hii, so today I'm gonna tell you how I did this yellow summer make up.
1. I used white eyeliner on the corners of the eyes.
2. I used short and long black mascara.
3. I found some dark yellow eyeshadow from dot and put on the end of the eyelid.
4.I found a color that was little lighter then the other one, and put on the middle of the eyelid.
5.To make some final effect I used white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelid.
6. Then I put lipstick in the same color as my doll skin.
7.I just found some accessories that match.

Down here are all the stuff I used!
Please comment and tell me your opinion and if u have any suggestions.
xx SDZ ;*