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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This week make up BETTER THEN EVER! -Sunnadoggz

Hii, I'm ashamed how long it has being. I just had TO much to do, I was playing in theater play (Bugsy Malone), exams and more and more. Well today I'm going to show u guys 2 ways of kissable lips, and some other make up tips!

-This is one of my faves, big brown eyed.

1. I use short mascara.
2. As usually I put white eyeliner on the corners of the eyes, then I put some black eyeliner on the rest.
This makes a great effect that I just love.
3.I found coco brown eyeshadowpencil from dot, and put it almost every where on the eyelid, I also put a little white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelid for some effect.
4. For the lips I just used some lipstick same as my skintone and some lipgloss over.
5. To make some final touch I used cherry brown blush from dot.
-The eyeshadow in inspierd by the sea.
1.I used short mascara.
2.Like in the other make up I used white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyes and black on the rest.
3.Then I found my favorite blue colors, The darker blue one is a eyeshadowpencil.
I used the draker on first on almost all of the eyelid, but make sure to keep some space for the whiteeyeshadow and the ligthblueeyedshadow.
Then I put the lightblue on and to make some final touch and effect on the eyes I put some white eyeshadow on the corners of the eyelid.
4.Then I just put lipstick in the same color as my skintone.
4.Then I just found some old accesories.
-Those are my ''geisha'' lips.
1.I used cherrypink lipstick from the l'occitane line, I put some on the middle of the lips.
2.Then I put lipstick in same color as my skintone, to make them little invisable.
-Those would be my summerlips
1.Those lipsticks are all from Dot.
2.I found red, yellow and white lipsticks.
3.I used the yellow one first on the middle of the lips.
4.Then I used the red lipstick one on the other end.
5.In the end I put white lipstick on the rest of the lips.

Well I hope you all enjoyed and learned something new! Kisses SDZ ;**

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  1. Love the second one with blue eyeshadow, just amazing. Thx 4 posting this.