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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Stardollars Offer + A Starnge thing !!

Hello Dear Readers !! Today I went to the Earn Stardollars Tab then I check the page and I found that there is a New Offer to Win 3 SD
And When i hit WIN button it appears me a page that includes some tasks to Do to win the 3SD but in Fact you can Win 4SD
( I know 4SD is not a big thing but who knows may be someone need it really )
 The tasks is to answer some questions and to rate the work of the site that what i did understand.
Check your Earn Stardollars tab May each country has their offers may be you'll find one with more SD

And Now We will Go to the Strange Thing i noticed !!
A Girl Called JoannaBG 
( I prefer to do not visit Her Most of people say that she's a hacker)

She Visits Everyone!! I can't visit someone and not find her visiting him !!
And look She wins The Best Album two Times 
 It isn't strange but it's unfair that don't give the chance to other members to win too those stardoll's wanted trophies.
Also she won Covergirl i don't know when but i can say the last year cause she has the old CG thing 
A lot of people say that she's a Hacker 
And also people say that she made a lot of accounts where is written on the presentations 
But truth is hidden and We hope that Stardoll have Noticed those strange things
What i can say is to do not visit her and to take the necessary protections of your Account  


  1. i want to tell you that i know this girl..and she is and she is normal girl that just like to visit people she have never hacked anyone there are people that make that kind of accounts but that`s not her and maybe because there is nothing else to do she visits people,about the album she don`t ask for votes its only because a lot people visit her.i hope you understand shes not bad person.
    Here if you would like to see an interview with her

  2. Kso, 1st thing I need to say is, I don't know if Stardoll likes giving people 2 chances to win or it's just a glitch. 2nd, how does she know us? She has been visiting me since the past few weeks ago :O And 3rd, if she's a girl why is her name John? :L Well I hope you understand, I'm not protesting or anything, just a few questions.


  3. My comment is basically the same as Gabby's.
    joannabg is NOT a bad person, NOT a hacker (so far as I know). She's a normal person; she visits tons of people which means she gets tons of visitors. They vote her and that's how she wins them. Don't listen to rumours; they're probably not even true.
    There's no harm in visiting people.

  4. & About the stardoll offers for stardollars, I've already signed up for that survey one where they give you 20 sd, but for me I've answered over 3 and they've still not given me my money. :l Quite disappointed, so now I stopped doing them. I hope they did higher amounts of sd's for offer

  5. Well I do not do Stardoll offers anymore as I never get my rewards... :/

  6. lol...i have get them but not all
    and they are very cute and i have a blog it's

  7. Now she won for the third time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find her so annoying!!!!!!!!! I can tell she is a total narcissist because she has a club all about her!!!!!! Someone needs to go and tell her that she's unfair! I tried, but so many other people wrote in her guestbook after me, and so she never answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!