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Friday, September 9, 2011

Stardoll facebook gifts

GREAT facebook gift offer!! :D
Stardoll accounts that are connected to their facebooks (or stardoll facebooks ;)) have the opportunity to send some free gifts to their other friends (who are also connected to stardoll fb).
If YOU, have a stardoll facebook and want a gift (PERHAPS you'll be interested in the old rare heart print scarf), let me know that you've added me and you'd like one of the gifts! It's free so I'll happily send it to you x)

ALSO, the items pictures below are not the only ones. Some people I have seen have posted other images of what they get to send, and I have received some that are not shown below.

So, if you aren't linked, get connected and don't miss out! :)

(This is a picture of the only ones I can see/send)

UPDATE: (10/09/2011)
Their are new gifts today, and these are it:

Perhaps everyday there will be a new set of gifts to send?
I sure do hope so! :D


  1. Hiya. I'd love if you could send me one. I'm Lila Mackerny on Facebook. Its a totally fake account tho. I want a SS gift if possible or even a non-ss one will do fine. Email me on my stardoll account, Orlaith2682 when u've added me please.

    Thank you,

  2. ^^ Hiya, the gifts in the picture posted have changed for me now, so I'll have to send you a different ss gift, BUT, I can't find you on facebook, so please send me the url to your facebook if you still want one?

  3. KK, the URL is:



  4. I've added you on my meadowsweet stardoll fb account. Once you accept I can send you the gift x

  5. Actually I have added you on both accounts, but it doesn't matter,so long as you accept the friend request I can send you a gift or two :)

  6. Kk, I accepted you. Please send me a gift as often as you can!

  7. Also, I have already gotten the pink wedge sandals and the DKNY RARE scarf but I would really like the SS dress.


  8. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003012639570

    Can you please send me a gift, I don't know what gifts there are but i especially love rares, old, ELLE, DKNY, L.E and hotbuys

  9. I get the message to check out my gift, then click the button, it takes me to my suite, and no gift. Same thing happened when I tried to give a free gift. It has never worked for me.

  10. can you send me all the new ones divajacob99