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Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Wear a Turtleneck

A while ago, I made a post that showed non-superstar clothing items for 5 stardollars and under. Now more than ever it is very important that you use your play and earn money wisely, because we only get 50 stardollars a month from it(play and earn.) You can click here to see my old post. The point of this post was to show everyone how to wear each of the items I picked out as affordable and cheap.
I know plain shirts or sweaters can be boring, but on Stardoll there are so many accessories and colors you can play around with to add a "wow" factor to a turtleneck. Pair your turtleneck with a fun accessory or layer it with a shirt to make it unique. I chose to add a black necklace to my turtleneck because I thought it blended so well, and I want to have fun with the skirt and shoes. Like I briefly said before, you then add a skirt or a bottom that does not overwhelm your accessory or turtleneck, nor blends in with it. I always have a pair of tights on no matter what outfit I have, but that is your decision to choose whether or not to have them. Lastly, I paired a faded red shoe with my outfit because if you look closely, the skirt I chose has little specks on the bottom of it. Remember, your shoes should finish the outfit off, not lead it towards a whole different theme!

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