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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Starter Wardrobe

We all know how hard it is to find decent non-superstar clothes on Stardoll for the 5 or less of the play and earn stardollars. I have compiled a list of clothes that can get your Stardoll Wardrobe started..for 5 stardollars or less. I have also included why I included these pieces of clothing in my selection for my wonderful readers. If you have any questions, please comment and I will respond as soon as possible.
Shorts, Bottoms A skirt and shorts can both play up or down your outfit. A neutral skirt or shorts(like pictured above), can be paired with virtually any top or accessories.
Bottoms/Pants The bottoms I included, like the skirts and shorts, can be paired with virtually anything. These are toned down, so you can focus on a lively top and fun accessories without overwhelming the look of your medoll.
Long Tops/Dresses
Personally, dresses are my favorite. Since these dresses/long tops are both neutral, you can pull out a bright pair tights or even leggings.
Tops These tops are all so simple that you can layer them with a bright top on top, or even a vest. A key to layering is not to overwhelm your medoll and to keep to a theme. Also, you can pair these tops with a bright red skirt or shorts and your outfit would look even better(and more expensive too!)
Necklaces Necklaces add a personal signature to your outfit. Any outfit can be vamped up with a necklace and any jewelery.
Shoes, a Clutch, and a belt.

Let me just say, a girl can never have to many shoes! In my opinion, the way you accessorize an outfit is how you portray yourself. The shoes I picked have their own personality, but are not to far fetched to wear. These shoes can be paired with anything and look cute. The clutch and belt I chose is very versatile, and cheap, and also can be added to any outfit to touch it up.

Thigh High Boots

I love these boots! Thigh high boots are one of the "it" things this season, and I believe they can be paired with any bottom or outfit to add a fashionable flair.

Where did you get that?
1st skirt: Fallen Angel: 5 stardollars
Shorts: Fudge: 5 stardollars
2nd Skirt: Stardoll: 5 stardollars
Black Jeans:Fallen Angel: 4 stardollars
Gray Leggings:Archive/Fudge: 5 stardollars
Black Tights:Fallen Angel: 3 stardollars
Long Black Top:Rio: 5 stardollars Black
Dress: Stardoll: 5 stardollars
Turtleneck: Stadoll: 5 stardollars
Checkered shirt: Bisou: 5 stardollars
Beige Tank: Stardoll: 4 stardollars
Strapless Top: Voile: 5 stardollars
Black Necklace: Stardoll: 1 stardollar
White Necklace: Voile 4 stardollars
Silver Clutch: Voile: 1 stardollar
Black Flats: Bisou: 4 stardollars
Gold Heels: Tingeling: 4 stardollars
Red-bowed Flats: Pretty in Pink: 3 stardollars
Black Belt: Stardoll: 2 stardollars
Black Heels: Voile: 3 stardollars
Thigh High Boots: Fallen Angel: 5 stardollars

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