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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hello everyone i decided to make a
RAFFLE each month on my BLOG, to enter on this RAFFLE you must be a follower, join my CLUB VIP-DOLLS and invite 10 friends to follow my BLOG.
The prize will be a code of 130 stardollars for Non-Superstars or if the winner is Superstar will be 120 stardollars. The winner will also be writer on my BLOG.
This is a huge opportunity because a Non-Superstar can win and be Superstar some cant afford and for Superstars its nice to have more stardollars to buy something that they desire.
I wont acept fake accounts so u must invite ur friends, i will check everyone that join my BLOG.
I like to help people thats why im doing this Raffle each month, i hope u join and bring ur friends, maybe u can be the winner.
On my CLUB VIP-DOLLS there is also everyweek a COMP with a good prize, so dont waste time and join now. Ask ur friends to signed ur name on the my Blog comments so i can give you credit

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