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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello everyone! Many of you may notice that stardoll has a new style! (Well at least some dolls have). The new style is the cigarette. I am not going to “enter” on this style because it may turn in to a drug, so it’s a little dangerous.

To do a cigarette you have to buy those vampire teeth that were available on Halloween. And that’s it!

What do you think?

[credits for the image: stardoll-br]

XOXO sarinis98


  1. i love it and miss sixty collection out for 10 min only and all the clothes cost 123 sd and this is a picture twitpic.com/49qpn7

  2. I am not happy to see cigarettes. My mother died of cancer because of smoking when I was very young. Smoking is not cool it is deadly.

  3. No thx I hate cigarettes, my both parents are smokers well my mother where but thank god she gave up smoking.

  4. YES it is fashionable.
    but not appropriate for this website at all.

  5. I dont think its appropriate for young kids that go on sd to see it. Smoking is bad for you and its not a smart idea who ever came up with them on sd . Im glad no one in my family smokes.

  6. true tammy am 16 i do smoke myself but for little kids no its not writ

  7. where do u get the vampia teeth from?