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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congratulations Stardoll! 100 million members OFFER!

Firstly, a massive congratulations to stardoll for reaching 100 million!

Once you go onto stardoll, a purple screen will come up!
Click where it says join the party and sign in.
This offer will come right up!
If you are a member with over 50 STARPOINTS you get a free 100stardollars!
(Scroll up the offer page and you can see that you have already gotten that extra money.
Then, if you wish, pick an offer! I think it's great! =D
Take up the opportuinty, and SIGN ON WITH ALL YOUR 50+ SP ACCOUNTS! =D



  1. I was like WOW are they 4 real, giving 100SD for free they really surprised me. Thx Stardoll, u should do this more often.

  2. I agree ^
    I was so surprised !
    Giving everyone 1OOsd :D