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Monday, March 14, 2011


This weekend i thought on having some new comps on my blog. I was a while without doing the Raffles on my blog but i decided to start again. I was looking the coments on the posts and notice some followers don't have their Stardoll name. So from today when you comment write your Stardoll name so you can enter on the Raffles and also i know who you are on Stardoll. I want also ours followers to write here ideas for news comps if i like i will do it and give credit to person that give the idea.


  1. Maybe a comp once a month where people post a certain outfit?

    So one month, Couture. Second Month, Chanel. etc.

    Or a Talent competition. It's open to all followers, and there's no rules-they just gotta show their talent?

    If I think of anymore, I'll be sure to add them to the list!

  2. Okk you can do a comp that contains many tasks..
    ..Or a comp that is about a certain think like write a story,poem,song or draw a dress ;)

    Hope that I helped!

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  4. Maybe something like doll celebrity look or something like that, we need to chose one celebrity & make our dolls to look like them I mean on face not on clothes.
    Or maybe something like art-fashion contest, we need to post some design that we draw.

  5. Maybe a kind of scary-movie marathon comp ? it's like several competitons.. A dress up from a scary movie) , a scenery (inspired by a scene in a scary movie), a scary story...
    You could post pictures for the inspiration?
    You could also make a comp wher you need to use certain colors , or an underawter competition ?

    Those are my ideas.. xoxo Sta988♥

  6. i agree with everyone !
    ALL these ideas are great :D

  7. Tomorrow is Saint Patricks Day. Have a "Wearing of the Green" Competition. The best Green ensemble wins by poll or by your choice.

  8. Spring is right around the corner. Have a Spring Flowers Competition. The best use of flowered clothing outfits wins by poll or by your choice.

  9. Oops...GoldenHeart Threads SD username is hautechatnoir. Was up all night with insomnia and I forgot to add that to my two prior posts. Very tired now! Oh...maybe a design an Alien from Mars outfit...really campy B movie stuff. (See-I told you I was tired!!!) Lol zzzzzzzzzzzzz