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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

50 million members items

Long ago are the days of the lottery dresses, and for 50 million members, Stardoll decided to be not so nice and give us some rather not nice clothing and things(wow, aren't we lucky!). Here are the items:
On a brighter note, the designer Amy Claire was introcued today and her clothes will be released in the Stardoll shop soon.


  1. I was disappointed. I was hoping we'd get like stardollars or something better. I put everythibg I got for free in my storage.. =|
    I didn't buy any of the Amy Claire things because I didn't find any of them that amazing.
    I like dressing up the doll though. x]

  2. I was disappointed too....even the free items were &@^Q%$@^$#Q$(# :(((