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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today i notice that are 5021 members on the club, so i decided to make a party on my gbook , i intend to announce the winners of the raffle because of my Album and there will be suprises. So the party will be soon.
I want to remind that, are 2 new Comps on the Club so join because the prizes are good, you only have to use imagination and be creative. Im also looking to more writers to my Blog, if you are interested, do a text in english and you can post here or when you ready, i'll request and you can send me by message. You can write about anything you want the only thing is that must be in english because the blog is in english and i need to see if you write well in english.


  1. That was the first guestbook party I went to. =]

  2. i went one before also when filipa reached 2 years on stardoll :D they both were great!!