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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get ready for... Stylein!

There's a new shop in Starplaza - it's called Stylein!
The items from this collection will stay in Starplaza until 22nd February, so hurry up if you want to buy them!

In the mood book you can see some pictures of the next collection - coming soon to Starplaza.
I think these clothes will be rare after they leave Starplaza, just like Elizabeth and James!

Are you going to buy some of these items?

P.S - According to some blogs there's a new LE collection coming soon, so start saving your stardollars!


  1. it has quite a nice but very quiet personality to this new look...and one question ..i discovered a new bike in the starplaza for 10 $ ..uhmm..is this going to be a new Rare later on?

    the beginning of a NEW dkny bike style ? ?

  2. I like the dress but not enough to buy it

  3. No i didn't bought nothing...i think the clothes are so so so simple for my style ....