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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The big mystery gift!


I just unlocked the summerblowout mystery gift!

Its an interior, take a look:

I LOVE it, but i thinkk it is Definately not worth the 800sd!

What do you think?


  1. Wait, how did you actually get it?
    Because I spent 800sd and It won't let me do anything.. :/
    like, how do I actually put it in my suite.

  2. Darling_Diamond
    Look on u room settings, where u choose the interiors u want 4 u rooms, i found mine there.

  3. Im so angry!
    I couldnt spend 200 sd one week, because I wasnt able to go to Internet, and now I cant get new Interior! :(


  4. So that's it?! Ugh when I saw it on the spoilers I was like boring, and just skipped past it, and to find out THAT is what I'm getting for spending all my pocket money, over 200 stardollars a week, I am really disappointed. -.-
    I preffered the spring suprise scenery, and I didn't get it after spending a lot of money. Blaaaaa annoying.
    P.s. Please vote spot62 covergirl!

  5. Wow, the interior looks really nice, but it's not worth spending 800SD on it

  6. That's it!? I totally agree, it really isn't worth the money... :S It's lame, I thoguht it would be some limited clothes or something similar...