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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black is the new STYLE.

Hey guys, we've come to another Sunday! And I have decided that Sundays are famous fashion reviews. Your probably thinking, FAMOUS FASHION REVIEWS? What is that? Well it's where I find a trend thats got alot of the 'alpha' or more known people on stardoll turned on.

I have noticed a lot of stardollians wearing black outfits, DIY or shop-bought.

As you can see in the picture above, HilaryMad2659, Lizs, Shakira_Avril, Miss_LolitaF and myself have worn a few black outfits in the past days, which I caught on camera! I think black makes you look mysterious and sexy, which is a stunning look anyone can pull off. My ideal outfit would be a slim and designer dress, with some gold or silver accessories thrown in a junky sort-of look. Makes you look FAB, where-ever you go!

Thats this weeks Sunday Rap-up!
Hope you enjoyed.
Opions? Should I keep this up? Any other ideas for new posts?

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