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Saturday, June 5, 2010

More hidden clothes

As I warned you about, there are more hidden clothes on the starplaza search tool. It's always hard to tell it all, so I'm just showing you some examples:

Just like it happened with every single old Kohl's collection, they are still for sell for a, probably, very short time. They have already been taken from the store but they are still available on search section:

There's another skirt that I forgot to post, it is the Abbey Down's. If you search for "skirts", you can find it on the 7th page.
I didn't post it all, I just don't know every single cloth that there was on Kohl's before so I'm just showing you some examples.

Remember those "Norway 17th May" clothes? They are still available. (I think I didn't post them all, though.)

On the left: search for "tops" and "black", it is on the 13th page.
In the middle: search for "tops" and "white", it is on the 11th page.
On the right: search for "skirts", it is on the 14th page.

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