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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hidden Clothes on Starplaza

We all know about them, but we never know where they are, right? Well, I found three clothes that are hidden, but I'll try to check out if I find more. If I do, I'll make another post showing them.

So far I found these:

To find:
The dress on the left -- Go to the "search" section in the shop, choose "dress" and "black" and then press "search". You are going to find this Stardoll TV dress on the end of the 14th page.
The dress in the middle -- Do the same as you were doing while searching for the black dress, but change the search for "dress" and "white". It is in the middle of the page 8.
The dress on the right -- Just change the search to "dress" and "orange", you will find it in the 1st page. This one is the one that's for Superstars.


  1. wow, thanks. ^_~

  2. The dress in the middle is now on the 7th page.