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Sunday, June 6, 2010

SPOTTED: roseflower76's suite and doll

Hello (: I'm stunn this amazing suite and doll , take a look at this people:

I can say that i was inspired with this doll and suite , it has creativity , originality , colours , fashion , and others . so be inspired and turn your suite and doll into something great !

If you have an amazing suite or doll and you want to show us , tell me in my guestbook and i will post it here (:

What do you think of this suite and the doll ?
Leave a comment (:


  1. Its really creative, love it :)

    Just wanted to let you know what I found on Stardoll..

    I found REAALLY strange things to stardoll..Read here:



  2. So creative [:

    I'd like to think that my suite is super amazing...but it's probably not...

    her doll is also creative!
    I'm only 58 pts away from getting that hair [: lol