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Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Blog!

After long hours pondering for ideas of a new blog, I've reached my goal.


"Welcome to the hottest new Gossip blog on the face of earth! I created this blog inspired by a bored day on stardoll. I will be posting gossip, that is all MADE-UP and UN-TRUE. Please, I advice you, not to take any posts seriously as they are just suppost to be a laugh and are all made-up! I will be posting as regular as I can, mainly focusing and making stories about the people who don't usually get recognised on  a day-to-day basis on stardoll. After a few hits, I might possibly hire some reporters and photographers."



  1. It kinda sounds just like the blog Elite News.

  2. That's cool that you will cover other people rather than just elites! :) Good luck on the new blog.

  3. @gabby1822
    it might sound like it, but I'm doing my best not too. Yes I got the idea from them, but it will be different. My gossip is not always focusing on the elites, it's on normal stardoll people.