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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello everyone i discover someting very interesting, i was voting my friends and i notice everytime i vote i earn a coin. Then i went to look my account on PLAY & EARN and saw that i made more than the 5 coins we earn everyday. I thought does this is only for superstars? I ask to myself. So i went to a NON-SUPERSTAR ACCOUNT that i have and i decided to do the same thing. Below you can see on the 1 picture the stardollars i already made in a few minutes.
On 2 picture you can see what i buy, even if you dont see more than 4 stardollars when you look to PLAY & EARN you see that you have more. This means you can have the 70 stardollars in 1 day and buy what you want. For NON-SUPERSTARS this is really good because they can buy things more than 5 stardollares. I don't know how long this last but do it because this is a good opportunity to have some extra Stardollares even if you are a Superstar. The easy way to do it it's when you vote on the CATWALK or the BEST DESIGNE because you can stay on the same page and you take less time.

So what you think?


I think this is something that stardoll has to offer us in june with SUMMER PASS that everyone is speak about, i was lucky because it isn't work now but in a few days everyone can do, at least i hope. If it was a glitch Stardoll should have more like this one and was great if every month when the month ends this happaned.


  1. i got 661sd/70sd!!! ( my zaixhi) in which i have already spent all of it for shopping! and i got 461sd/70 for my non ss acct (zaixi) !! thats incredible Filipa!! but SD has already saw and solve the glitch, tsk tsk tsk!

  2. i spent a lot of money with that. thank you!

  3. That is so cool.
    Too bad i cant do it anymore...:(