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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Most Creative!!

Hi sweet readers!! I was thinking and thinking to do a tips of Stardoll fashion trends,make-up,decoration and a lot more tips....
and i decided to do it weekly on the weekend
I will try my best to give you the needed tips and help you
I will post it on Saturday but i really wanna see what readers have in mind
what style they have got? and a lot more more creative things so i really like that you show me those ideas that i'm sure that they are Brilliant!!
Have-you got one?
wanna that readers saw it?
wanna be the most creative reader of the week?
Is easy just 
follow tose steps....
1°The idea most be about just Stardoll things(Make-up,suite decoration,album,scenery....etc)
2°To includ your idea in entries you should be a follower of the blog
3°Upload your entry on a sharing picture website
Hope you enjoy with....xoxo Hanae785


  1. great comp!
    here is my dress:


  2. Cool ! (:
    i won't be joining though D: