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Monday, February 28, 2011

March Hot Buys

                                            Ring released as brooch by Topshop  (Fudge In shop 5 March)
Shirt-dress  by Paul Smith(Fudge In shop 8 March)

Tie by Paul Smith(Evil Panda In shop 11 March)

Top by Miu Miu(Pretty in Pink In shop 15 March)

                                           Bag inspired by Fendi(Fudge In shop 15 March)
                                           Sweater by H&M(Fudge In shop 22 March)

                                              Vest by Ralph Lauren(RİO In shop 1 March)


                                          Dress by Victoria Beckham(Fallen Angel In shop 20 March)

                                         Skirt by Tripp NYC(Evil Panda In shop 29 March)
                                                       Thanks (hotbuys addicted)
       I like Miu Miu T-shirt and black drees Are  very cute.Whats your thing?Do you like it?
                                                               XOXO Alara




  1. I'v seen better & I just have feeling that it's gonna be super expensive.

  2. i love some of them !
    & i agree with Mace88 it's gonna be beyond expensive :33