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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hello everyone! Today I was checking on the best designers and I saw this:

They are all royalties xD

And I also saw this (!):

I thought that hottest design it’s a price for who knows how to draw! Like our joanne1305! Not this people!

What do you think about this?

XOXO sarinis98


  1. for the past month when I go to vote for a design, it shows me the same twenty designs no matter how many times I refresh the page, and they're not even good designs. I'm wondering if the same thing has been happening to other people. Do you think it's a glitch with the page?

  2. LOL ..
    i love how they are all royalties xD

  3. All royalty's & I must say that I'we seen much better designs that these one.

  4. S_London...

    It happens with me too! The designs are so bad!

  5. The designs are awful, but Stardoll's vote for the design is broken with most people, only showing the same designs over and over. It's rubbish and they need to sort it out!

  6. yea same things happening with me.. it shows the same horrible designs over and over.... uhhg its so annoying

  7. For me, those designs do not even appear in my voting section. I have just the same 6 designs and most of them are plain... Also, sometimes just 2 items appear for voting. -.- I do not want to keep voting on designs that I think are awful and basic. I can even so it better, lmao. joanne1305 is everytime getting lower on the list, not at second/third as she usually is. :( Also, blunotte is not anymore there.♥